iFixit rips open the Pixel 3 XL, finds a Samsung display panel

The Pixel 3 XL is out, but even after the usual slate of announcements and reviews, there's still a few things we don't know about it. For some answers on the internals, we turn to iFixit, which recently ripped open the Pixel 3 XL to show the world its insides.

In last year's Pixel 2 XL, the LG OLED display panel was a big concern. Last year LG jumped back into the OLED smartphone market after being absent for years, and it found itself way behind the competition. The display was grainy and dirty looking at low brightness, and there were burn-in issues. Others complained of a color shift whenever the phone was looked at on an angle. The smartphone OLED industry leader is Samsung, which supplies displays for its own Galaxy line and for Apple's high-end iPhones.

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