Of course I read Ars while stopped at traffic lights. Don't you? (credit: Cyrus Farivar)

OAKLAND, Calif.—Even though I work at home, I’m on my bike nearly every day—whether it’s picking up groceries at Trader Joe’s, or meeting friends, or picking up my kid from school—most places nearby are within a quick bike ride of my front door.

Most of the time when I’m in the saddle, I know where I’m going. My iPhone remains firmly in my pocket. But, like anyone, there have been times where I head out, not 100 percent sure of my route, and I have to pull over and examine Google Maps to figure out precisely which street I’m supposed to turn left on. It's certainly frustrating at times.

So I was intrigued when I received an e-mail from Austrian company Bike Citizens about a universal smartphone mount for bikes called Finn.

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