Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne

Today wasn’t just a regular morning where I combine coffee with news, Hearthstone, and whatever else comes my way. It had a lot more Hearthstone in it because Blizzard made available its newest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

I’ve been playing the game at an amateur level ever since it first launched a few years ago, but I started getting more serious about it once Blizzard released the smartphone version. And for the first time ever, I actually bought the $49.99 fee that got me 50 brand new packs to discover. Add to that the free de you get after completing the first three new single player missions, the three packs that Blizzard will give you as soon as you log in today, the three free packs Blizzard awarded as prizes for Arena quests, and all the packs I could buy with the gold I kept grinding for the past month, and you end up with 76 brand new packs to discover. Here’s my audit of that experience.

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