If Apple asked you what you'd like to see in second generation AirPods, what would you tell them?

AirPods are the new hotness. Now that people — finally — have them in hand, many are loving them. Almost no one is calling them perfect, though. And what first-gen product really is? So, that leads to the big question: If Apple asked you what they should change for the next-generation AirPods, what would you tell them?

  • Ship more sooner! (Okay, yes, besides that!)
  • Black color option
  • (PRODUCT) RED color option.
  • Fashion options like Apple Watch bands.
  • USB-C instead of Lightning for charging.
  • BT tie-clip with manual controls for volume and skipping.
  • Swappable tips to fit a wider variety of ears.
  • Offline Siri, because you need to be able to command when— Zzzt ...
  • Proper Apple TV support
  • Find my AirPods feature.

Those are just a few of the suggestions I've seen so far. What are yours?