How To Use The AirDrop Setting On Your iOS Device


Ever wanted to send content faster or more effectively with your friends and family? Well with the AirDrop setting you can do that. Users are able to share their photos, videos, websites, locations and more, with anyone that’s close by or near them with an Apple device, making things so much more easier.

Now in order to share content with AirDrop, both people will need either a iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5th generation or a Mac with a OS X Yosemite or a iOS 7 on up, to be able to do this. You’ll also need to turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setting and sign into iCloud if you would like to share anything with your contacts in your iPhone.

Here are the steps you’ll have to do to turn on the AirDrop setting as well as to use it:

1. Swipe either the top or bottom of your screen to open up the Control Center.

2. Tap AirDrop.

3. Choose either to: Turn it off, allow contacts to only see your device, or allow anyone nearby with a iOS device using AirDrop to see your device.

4. After picking one of those options (besides turning it off), you will be able to share content from Photos, Safari, Contacts and more; By tapping the content you would like to share and send to an AirDrop user or an Apple device.

5. The person will get a notification of the content that you shared with them, and can either accept it or decline it. But if they accept it, they’ll get the content in the app you sent it from.

To learn more about using the AirDrop setting on any of your compatible devices, you can head on over to Apple’s official support page to learn more about it.

Source info: Apple

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