If you’re setting up a meeting with a friend or business associate, via the Messages app on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, they might send the meet-up address to you via a text message. Usually you’d copy that address, bring up Apple Maps, paste the address in, and then get directions. There’s a quicker and easier way.

Getting Directions Using 3D Touch

If someone send you an address in a text message, it’s easy to get directions to the address with just few steps, using 3D Touch, and with no copying and pasting required!

Let’s say you’re attending your ::mumble-mumble::th high school reunion, and the organizer has texted you the address for your old high school, where the reunion will be held. (You only attended the school for four years, so of course you can’t remember where it is, right?)

How To: Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessages

As seen above left, the address will show up as a hyperlink, instead of tapping the link, press and hold on it to “peek” at the map, as seen in the above right screenshot.

Now, while holding down with your finger, simply drag upwards, as seen in the screenshot below left. Now you’ll see four options, “Get Directions,” “Open in Maps,” “Add to Contacts,” and “Copy.” Tap “Get Directions.” Now, as seen in the right-hand screenshot below, the Apple Maps app will automatically open, ready to supply directions via driving, walking, or via public transit. (Don’t take the bus to your high school reunion, it’s just tacky! Although, if you were known as “the quirky one” in school, maybe people will expect it from you?)

How To: Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessages

Using 3D Touch to get directions directly from the Messages app saves you a few unnecessary steps, and gets you ready to hit the road just that much sooner.