led iphone 6s

Phones usually let users know when a notification comes in with sound, vibration or even both. However, that might not always be enough in certain situations to get your attention, or maybe you don’t want to be disturbed with sound when you receive a notification.

In addition, iPhones from the iPhone 4 on up can use the LED flash right next to the rear camera to alert users of an incoming call, message or notification. In this guide, we will teach you how to enable the LED flash when receiving notifications.

How to enable the LED flash for Notifications:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Head to General>Accessibility
  • Step 3: Enable the LED Flash for Alerts under the Hearing heading.

From here, your iPhone’s LED light will now blink three times when you receive an incoming call, text or some other alert on your phone. If you want to disable the LED flash, go back into Settings>General>Accessibility and turn the LED Flash for Alerts to off.

Something worth noting, the reason why it’s featured under the Accessibility section of the Settings app is because Apple designed this feature for people who have hearing impairments, and offers this method for people who would rather see a visual alert (like an LED flash) than to have an audio alert.

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