How To Troubleshoot Your iOS Device Wi-Fi Connection Problem

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If you have problems connecting your iOS device to your Wi-Fi network, and the method of turning your iOS device off and back on won’t work for you, then we might have a solution that might just work. In this guide, we will go over one method with seven steps to help you out.

As noted above, turning your device off and back on usually does the trick for solving your Wi-Fi connection problems. But, what happens when that method doesn’t work and your device won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network? Well, this small step might help you out.

When an iPad or iPhone cannot connect to Wi-Fi, it’s best to sometimes have your device forget the network, and then rejoin. Something worth noting, be sure to have your Wi-Fi password on hand before you do any of the steps below.

How To Connect Your iOS Device To Your Wi-Fi Network:

  • 1. Head to Settings>Wi-Fi
  • 2. Go to the blue “i” at the right of your wireless network’s name
  • 3. Hit “Forget This Network”
  • 4. Confirm that you want to “Forget”
  • 5. Hit the top left button that has “Wi-Fi”
  • 6. Choose your Wireless network again
  • 7. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network.

This method has worked for a lot of people, and proves to be a little more time-consuming than the other method of turning your device off and back on, but it does seem to fix the problem of not being able to connect.

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