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According to some users, they want to learn how to silence Siri on their iPhone. Well, in this guide, we will teach you how to do so.

It’s been said that some users don’t like to hear Siri speak, and want to learn how to silence her voice. With that said, if you want to quickly silence Siri without completely disabling the voice feedback, you’re in the right place.

Users will need to head to General>Siri>Voice Feedback.

Once you are inside the Siri Menu, find Voice Feedback and select Control with Ring Switch. The Ring Switch button as the mute button is located on the side of the iPhone. You can read the notice below, which details what happens when you toggle the Ring Switch to silent:

“Siri will silence all audio feedback when you set the ring switch to silent. You will continue to hear Siri beep and provide voice feedback when using “Hey Siri,” or when connected to a Bluetooth device, headphones, or CarPlay.”

In addition, whenever you enable Siri you will still hear her speaking out loud until you turn on the Mute/Ring Switch. the moment you toggle that switch, Siri will become silent. If you flip the switch back on Siri will not continue talking, but will begin speaking at the next prompt. This function is more like an on/off switch more than a mute button.

Lastly, this is a great solution for those that still want to hear Siri from time-to-time without having to mute Siri completely.

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