How to share your contact card in iOS

You’d think that sending your basic contact information to another person with an iPhone would be a simple task, and one that Apple had streamlined. It’s not, and it’s a weird lapse in a company that tries to avoid the kinds of steps to perform a basic operation that Windows software used to abound in.

It’s not that difficult, but it’s more than a tap. But, first, you want to make sure you’ve set up just the information you want to share. If you have a contact card for yourself in which you place private details, such as phone numbers and emails you don’t hand out, you do not want to share that as your standard contact card.

(macOS has an option to turn your “me” card private, where you can pick and choose which fields to share. Oddly, that feature is absolutely missing in iOS. The synced card from macOS doesn’t carry through in terms of sharing only the fields you checked in macOS.)

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