Apple Watch

For those of you who just bought the Apple Watch or received one as a gift. We’ll walk you through how to set it up step-by-step.

1. The first step in setting up your new device, is to pair it with your iPhone. You can do this by turning on your Apple Watch (Press and hold down the side button until the Watch powers up). After turning it on, you’ll have to choose your language. Then, from your iPhone open up the Apple Watch app and tap Start Pairing, you’ll also have to tap Start Pairing on the Apple Watch as well.

2. From here, your iPhone’s camera will pop up for you to scan the Apple Watch’s screen. Once scanned, your iPhone will display a message letting you know that the pairing was successful. If the camera pairing isn’t successful, then tap on the “i” button on the Apple Watch to bring up a six-digit code, which can be put in on your iPhone in order to pair the two.

3. From your iPhone, tap on Set Up Apple Watch. You’ll then be asked various of questions, such as which side you want the buttons on the Watch and which wrist you’ll be wearing the device on. You’ll also be asked to log into your Apple ID to sync all your information and have the choice to enable/disable Siri, Location Services, and Diagnostics. You’ll then be given the option to-setup a Passcode from the Apple Watch. Once you create a Passcode you will be able to access Apple Pay and unlock your Apple Watch through your iPhone. After you login you will be complete and free to download the apps of your choice.

4. Downloading apps on the Apple Watch is easy and self-explanatory. However, many users get confused when the Install Available Apps pops up on the screen. This means that the Apple Watch can only download apps that are compatible with the Apple Watch. For example, if you have the Twitter app on your iPhone, your Apple Watch can only install the Apple Watch version. If the apps are compatible, the Apple Watch will sync to it.

Now that the syncing part is done, you will be free to customize and play around on your new device. For more information on setting up the Apple Watch you can head over to Apple’s official website.

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