How do you rearrange the menu bar icons on your Mac? Easily!

The Menu bar on isn't just for the active apps menu items. It also provides quick access to all sorts of system utilities, including Wi-Fi and networking, battery, AirPlay, Time, Spotlight, Siri, and more! While everyone knows what's there, not everyone knows that you can rearrange all those tools to your liking. Here's how you can easily rearrange Menu bar icons to their perfection!

How to rearrange Menu bar icons

  1. Hold down the command key on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the icon you would like to move. Make sure the command key is still pressed.

  3. Drag the icon to its new location.
  4. Let go of the mouse and command key to let the icon fall into place.

What do you think of the Menu bar?

Are you a big fan of rearranging your icons, or are you content with how they work and look already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!