Apple Pay isn't just a digital card, it's all the customization and configuration advantages that come with it!

Buying with Apple Pay is incredibly convenient, but it's even more convenient if things like your shipping address are properly set up and ready for you in advance. Once you've made the purchase, being able to see your transactions, both recent and detailed, means never having to wonder about a purchase or wait for a statement again.

How to manage your shipping address for Apple Pay

Part of what makes Apple Pay so fast and easy for online purchases is that it knows exactly where to send your purchases. That saves you the effort of having to type your shipping address out each and every time you buy something. But it also means you need to keep it accurate and up to date. That way, when you buy all the things, they'll know just where to send them.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Tap on Shipping Address.
  4. Tap on the address you want be your default. If you want add a new address just simply tap Enter New Shipping Address

That's all there is to it. Apple Pay will abide by the settings you've chosen. If you ever need to change shipping address, just repeat the same steps again. This is handy if you have work and home addresses that you choose for shipping equally. It'll save you some time when checking out so you can just select them instead of having to enter information every time.

How to view recent Apple Pay transactions with Wallet

Apple Pay doesn't just make it easy to purchase items in-store and online, it also keeps track of your purchases. You can view recent transactions in Passbook, and, depending on whether or not your credit card and bank support it, a longer transactional history in Settings.

  1. Launch the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad that you use Apple Pay with.
  2. Tap on the card you'd like to view recent transactions for. Any recent transactions should appear directly underneath the card.
  3. Tap the Info button in the bottom right corner of any card to view more transactions.

Be aware that Wallet seems to only show transactions from the last 24 hours. If you haven't made a transaction in the last 24 hours, it shows the last transaction you made.

How to view detailed Apple Pay transactions with Settings

You can view a more detailed transaction history in Settings, if your credit card and bank support it. (If not, it will be blank.)

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad that you use Apple Pay with.
  2. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Tap on the card you want to view.
  4. Tap Transactions.

If your bank as a stand-alone iOS app as well, you may also be able to tap on the Open button next to the app name in order to view complete account details, make payments, and more.