How to block numbers from texting or calling you in iOS

We’ve all been there. The survey takers keep trying to reach you, or the person who keeps dialing you with the wrong number, never seeming to realize that you’re not the person they’re looking for. Blocking numbers usually requires the assistance of your cell provider, but with iOS 7 or later, you can block selected people from calling, texting, or starting a FaceTime session with you.

If you want to block someone, you can go about it either using the Phone, FaceTime, or Messages apps, or through the Settings app. To block someone already on your contacts list, open the Phone app, select a contact card, scroll down toward the bottom, and tap Block this Caller.  If you’re blocking someone in your Recents list of the Phone app, you’ll need to tap the i to get their contact card, but aside from that, the process is the same.

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