If you’re still on the hunt for a pair of the popular, and still in short supply, Apple AirPods wireless earbuds, you have a new way to check availability. A new website has launched that will notify you when AirPods become available at your local Apple Store.

How To: Be Notified As Soon as AirPods Become Available in Your Local Apple Store

First noticed by 9to5Mac, the AirPods is in Stock site allows users to enter their email address, and select the Apple retail store they’d like to have monitored. Once that information has been submitted, you’ll be notified when AirPods are back on the shelves at the selected Apple Store.

The website also offers an early alert system, which places you in a “priority queue” — which means you will be notified ahead of other users — for a small fee. Users can purchase 1, 3, or 5 priority alerts, for $2, $3, or $4 respectively.

The website also offers a list of all Apple stores, allowing proactive users to quickly see if AirPods are currently available at their local store. Stores with an available supply are listed at the top of the page. (As of this article, the only three stores in the entire world showing the earbud as “in stock” are located in Europe.)

How To: Be Notified As Soon as AirPods Become Available in Your Local Apple Store

Apple Stores are receiving new AirPods stock almost daily, sometimes more often in the case of large flagship stores, so a tool like the is in Stock site can come in handy for those customers still searching for a pair. Another handy tool is the iStockNow website, which features a map interface that displays at a glance where AirPods are currently available in local Apple Stores.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!