How is it possible that Apple hasn’t copied this feature yet from Android?

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We constantly discuss the different ways Android vendors copy Apple. Why? Well, the explanation is pretty simple: Android vendors constantly copy Apple. The Cupertino, California-based consumer tech giant has been a clear market leader for more than a decade now, constantly steering the direction of every market segment in which it operates. That's not to say Apple is always first. It's not. Apple wasn't the first company to make a smartphone with a big touchscreen and no keyboard. But once Apple did it, every other company copied the design. Apple wasn't the first company to put a fingerprint sensor on a phone, but now it's an essential feature on every Android phone. Apple wasn't the first company to cut a notch out of a display, but now dozens of Android phones feature the same notch. I could go on and on.

This is all fairly obvious to anyone with eyes, but Android fans always get all worked up when we discuss these realities. It's sort of like how flat Earthers get angry when they see people explain gravity. A hardcore Android fan can see Samsung's 132-page manual detailing how its engineers should copy the iPhone pixel by pixel, and yet they still refuse to believe old Samsung phones were iPhone clones.

But the pendulum swings both ways, obviously, and we also often discuss ways that Apple has copied things from Google and from Android smartphone makers. In fact, if you go back far enough, BGR was the first site to point out that Apple's early iPhone designs were copied from other phones back when we discussed the ridiculousness of some of Apple's claims against Samsung in court. Today I want to focus not on a way Apple has copied Android or any other software platform, but on a way Apple should copy Android.

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