How I fixed my Apple Watch Series 3 LTE connectivity problems

Some Apple Watch Series 3 users are experiencing issues with connecting to LTE when away from their phones, which, you know, kind of defeats the purpose of having a cellular watch. Suddenly, your excitement for the watch is now mixed with frustration. 

I, too, had issues with my LTE Apple Watch the first day I had it, and it’s no fun. Thankfully, the issue is a software one and Apple has already promised to fix it soon. But until that happens, here’s how I got LTE running smoothly.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE: The problem

Incidentally, the issue lies with Wi-Fi, not LTE. Like your iPhone, your watch constantly looks for previously connected Wi-Fi networks to alleviate the use of LTE. The problem comes into play when it connects to an “unauthenticated Wi-Fi network,” like a hotel or Starbucks hotspot. Your watch thinks it’s connected, because it is, but its actually stuck on a login page.

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