How an all-new spacesuit could save astronauts from being lost in space


If you've ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut, the thought of accidentally drifting away from the safety of a spacecraft or space station has likely crossed your mind. The thought of floating aimlessly into space with no control over your own fate is enough to make your palms sweat, and it's the reason why astronauts take extreme precautions — including multiple tethers and redundant safety systems — when conducting spacewalks. Now, a new spacesuit concept could add the ultimate layer of protection against being lost in space.

Modern day astronauts are equipped with space suits that have manual propulsion systems that they could, in theory, use to rescue themselves in the event of an accident. These systems provide the wearer with the ability to propel themselves toward, for example, the International Space Station if by some freak circumstance they become disconnected from their tethers and being to float away. However, these abilities might not be enough to save an astronaut in a real emergency, especially if they become disoriented, injured, or unconscious.

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