Hoverboard catches fire, destroys family’s $1M home—they sue Amazon

(credit: Nashville Fire Department)

A Nashville couple whose home burned down after a hoverboard caught fire has filed a lawsuit against Amazon.

Brian and Megan Fox bought a hoverboard for their children for Christmas last year. It burst into flames on January 9. The fire destroyed "virtually all their personal belonging in a manner of minutes," and nearly killed their 16-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son, according to the couple's complaint (PDF).

The offending hoverboard was purchased through an Amazon marketplace store called "W-Deals" and was supposed to contain an "original Samsung advanced battery," but it allegedly didn't. They say W-Deals is a sham entity with a registered address of an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. Inquiries sent to the address weren't responded to.

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