Hotel charged guests $350 after bad online reviews, so Indiana AG sues

Enlarge / This is the “Patio Suite” at the Abbey Inn. (credit: Abbey Inn)

The Indiana attorney general has sued a small hotel in Nashville, south of Indianapolis, over claims that it illegally charged its own customers a $350 fee for leaving negative reviews online. The hotel's Yelp page is currently listed as being "under dispute."

According to the lawsuit, State of Indiana v. Abbey Management, Inc., which was filed in state court in Brown County on December 15, the case originated when a woman named Katrina Arthur stayed at the Abbey Inn. According to her official April 2016 complaint with the AG's office, she stayed just one night in March 2016 and paid $230. Arthur wrote that the hotel "smelt like sewer" in an online review.

Then, on April 2, 2016, Arthur received a letter from Andrew Szakaly, who purported to be an attorney representing the hotel.

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