Hostile workplace accusations rock PlayStation developer Quantic Dream

A trio of French media reports over the weekend accuse high-profile PlayStation developer Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming Detroit: Become Human) of fostering a "toxic corporate culture" where inappropriate behavior and homophobic, racist, and sexist jokes were tolerated if not encouraged.

The reports spring from a complaint reportedly filed last spring by five former Quantic Dream employees, centering on what French newspaper Le Monde describes as "degrading photomontages." French magazine CanardPC includes some examples of those (NSFW) montages on its Web version, showing Quantic Dream employees photoshopped onto sexually suggestive or explicit images. Le Monde's report cites a collection of roughly 600 such images that circulated around the company via group e-mail since 2013, including some with "homophobic or sexist slurs." French online news site Mediapart has a similar report.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage is accused in the Le Monde piece of making a racist remarks toward a Tunisian employee surrounding CCTV footage of a burglary. Cage is also accused of making repeated dirty jokes in work situations and sexist remarks about female cast members in his games.

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