Here’s why people thought the iPhone XS has a ‘skin softening’ filter

iPhone XS skin softening

Last week, iPhone XS users galore swarmed to the forums, internet pitchforks in hand, to complain that their new phones' selfie cameras were secretly applying a"'skin smoothing" filter. It wasn't the most absurd idea: Smartphone makers often integrate filters, including "beauty" filters, into their camera apps, and it's not like Apple has never given users a new feature with no way to turn it off. Backing up the claims were comparison shots between an iPhone X and an iPhone XS, which did indeed show skin that looked like it had been artificially smoothed.

But as you might expect, there was no international conspiracy between Apple and makeup companies to promote an artificial standard of beauty to the nation's youth. Instead, the skin smoothing is a side-effect of how the iPhone XS uses multiple exposures and computer smarts to produce better images.

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