Here’s what your cat is telling you when it shows you its butt

cat butt

If you were to walk up to a friend in public and show each other your bare butts, you'd probably get a lot of very strange looks from the rest of the people in the Starbucks line. If you were a cat, however, people would probably just roll their eyes and accept that cats just can't get enough of showing humans their behinds. As it turns out, when your cat flashes its butthole to you it's really just their own version of a handshake.

Longtime cat owners are plenty used to this by now, but cats really, really love their own butts, and they're not shy about showing them off. Petting any average house cat has about a 50% chance to result in the cat raising its tail high and showing off its dirtiest of orifices. As cat researcher Mikel Delgado explained to Inverse, that's really just the way cats are programmed.

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