iPhone 8 Pro Release Date

Based on what we've seen, the iPhone 8 is going to be a good-looking phone, but the top notch that houses the complex camera systems, the sensors, and the speaker is unsightly, to say the least. There’s no beating around the bush on this one. It is, once again, a design compromise that we’ll have to live with for at least a year, if not more — Apple is working on integrating all these front-facing phone features into the display, but that may be a slow process.

There are ways for making that notch look better than it currently does, and some designers explored some not too long ago. But after recent iPhone 8-related findings in the HomePod’s firmware, someone came up with an even better version. It’s a smart way to deal with the iPhone 8’s top bezel which I totally love. But I also ferociously hate it.

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