If you just started using the new iOS 11 beta, there’s a high chance you’ve probably started downloading new apps to see how all the new functions and features work. However, if you’re not too sure how to move around the apps that you downloaded or the existing ones that are already on your phone, then there’s now an easier way to do that.

Because now that the beta version has added where you can move multiple icons at once, you’re able to drag any of the Home apps anywhere you want, without having all of them unorganized and all over the place.

So here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Tap and hold an app icon while on the Home Screen until the edit mode pops up.

Step 2: Start dragging the first icon while holding it, and then tap another icon to add it to the stack.

Step 3: Continue to add icons using the method in step 2, and grab as many as you want.

Step 4: Once you have gathered your desired amount, move to the page or folder that you wish to move the icons to.

Step 5: Now you can release your finger and the icons should drop where you want them; and then you can hit the Home button to exit the edit mode.

And that’s how you move multiple app icons around on the new iOS 11 Beta. Just know that you don’t always have to put them in a singular folder when you’re moving them around, but you can also move them to different folders for each of the apps, to help organize them a little better.

Source: 9To5Mac

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