Here are the subjects our reporters enjoy covering the least

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You might think being a science writer is a dream job, one that means spending all day learning new things about a seemingly endless sweep of interesting fields. And, to an extent, you'd be right. But in other ways, it's also a place where dreams go to die. Things you think should be fascinating—things that, in some cases, you've dreamed about knowing more about for much of your life—turn out to be staggeringly dull.

So, forgive your science-writing staff if they finish a week wanting to stab the first scientists they see—even (or perhaps especially) if that's themselves. To keep the violence to a minimum, we're taking the opportunity to vent a bit about the fields we thought we loved, but have turned out to disappoint us.

Writers' names have been removed from their contributions to protect the not-entirely-innocent. We're sure you'll figure it out anyway.

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