Some of this could be yours if you enter our sweepstakes!

Just over two weeks ago, we kicked off the 2015 edition of our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes, where we urge readers to donate to a good cause for a chance to win some of the piles of vendor-provided swag we can't keep. Since then, Ars readers have turned the generosity meter up to 11, packing in a combined total of over $21,000 in donations to Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation so far ($21,112.60, to be precise).

That's a great start and already within spitting distance of last year's take of just over $25,000. We're aiming our sights higher than that, though... with two weeks to go until the January 4 deadline, I think we can beat our all-time Charity Drive record haul of $28,713.52 set back in 2012 (my first year running the sweepstakes). Let's prove just how deep Ars readers can dig for a good cause.

If that's not enough motivation, keep in mind that each donation helps settle a battle of generosity between two deserving charities. This is the first year that the total money given to both charities in the sweepstakes has been competitive; the EFF was actually bringing in the majority of donation dollars until rather recently, when a few generous Child's Play gifts put it back ahead.

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