Hands-on: NES Classic Edition puts old games in a very small package

Enlarge / This is like one of those optical illusions... isn't it?

Given how stingy some companies are with their early review access these days, we were pretty surprised to see the miniature NES Classic Edition show up on our doorstep this morning ahead of its November 11 launch (after being announced back in July). We were even more surprised that Nintendo didn't put the usual embargo on our coverage of the new hardware, meaning we could write about it immediately.

We'll put together a more comprehensive review of the miniature NES re-release sometime next week. For now, though, here are our early impressions after a few hours with Nintendo's latest piece of game-playing hardware.

This thing is really tiny

Sure, we already knew from previous announcements and preview coverage that this wasn't an Xbox-sized system. Even so, it's striking just how minuscule the hardware is in person. The pictures in this piece don't do justice to the impression.

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