Guitar Hero Live rocks its way onto iPhone and iPad

Activision has released Guitar Hero Live for iPhone and iPad, including not only the game itself, but also the hardware bundle for that game, which is now available at major retailers. T-Mobile US is also offering a bundle that includes a game download code, along with the Bluetooth LE guitar controller, and two AA batteries.

There are two ways to play Guitar Hero Live. The first puts you in front of live-action crowds that react to your performances. The second is GHTV, which lets you play along to the original music videos for the songs you play. Guitar Hero live comes free with two trial songs, with 40 more available with either the Guitar Controller bundle or the Digital Touch versions of the game. Guitar Hero Live also features support for any iPhone or iPad with a Lightning port.

The Digital Touch version of the game costs $49.99 to unlock, and the Guitar Controller bundle costs $99. Purchasing the Guitar Controller bundle from T-Mobile also gives you the option of paying for it in monthly installments of $4.16 for 23 months, with a final payment of $4.31.

$99.99 from T-Mobile

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