Groundhog year: iPhone production cuts are brand new every year

No, you’re not still seeing double after that New Year’s Eve bender, the Macalope is actually writing yet again about the annual overreaction to iPhone production cuts.

Hey, it’s job security.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and manufactured hysteria circus, Ewan Spence describes how “Disappointing iPhone Performance Forces Apple Into Drastic Action.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @mylestaylor and Crandall Crute.)

Drastic! Because this is a totally new thing that is only happening this year and has never happened before. Like, say, last year. Just as an example. Certainly there are no other examples one could vaguely wave one’s hoof at. (And, yes, if you click on that link you’ll see that the Macalope was making the same Groundhog Day joke about this exact same thing four years ago. Jane, get him off this crazy thing.)

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