GoPro has updated its iOS app with support for the Apple Watch, demonstrated in the video below featuring pro skateboarder Mikey Taylor. Owners previously had to use a third-party app to control their action cams from the Watch.

GoPro is excited to launch Apple Watch features for the GoPro mobile app, featuring a simple design that gives Apple Watch users quick access to the camera’s controls right from the wrist. The Apple Watch features allow users to preview their shot, toggle between capture modes, start/stop record and add HiLight Tags to the best moments of their videos.

The iPhone app has also been updated to make it easier to grab still images from video clips and easily trim videos to 5-, 15- or 30-second lengths using the smart editing feature first introduced in September …

Finding your favorite moments is also easier, with a new filtering option that allows you to show only Hi-Lights or edited clips. For action cam fans, it could be just the excuse you were waiting for to treat yourself to that discounted Apple Watch.

The app is compatible with any of GoPro’s Wi-Fi-equipped models, which start at $200.

Via Engadget

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