GoPro Latest App Update Is Now Compatible With Apple Watch

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Apple Watch users will now be able to control their camera sight, thanks to the latest GoPro app update that came out on Thursday.

The GoPro app will allow Apple Watch users to access simple controls such as: start/stop recordings, toggle between capture modes, camera previews, and the ability to add highlight tags.

The update also includes the ability to browse frame-by-frame through a video and capture still images, users will also be able to find their media faster by using the filtering feature to display only photos, videos, HiLights, or clips. In addition, after users finish recording, they can take out their iPhone to trim the clip down anywhere from 5, 15, or 30 seconds by using the smart editing feature and share it via social media, if desired.

Demonstrated in the video above, Mikey Taylor shows off the latest GoPro app update for the Apple Watch. Before many users had to use third-party apps in order to control their camera from their Watch.

You can download the GoPro app for free in the App Store today.

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