Google’s Project Stream: That’s really a full Assassin’s Creed in my browser

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Test invites have begun trickling out for Project Stream, Google's first official take on a dedicated, current-gen gaming platform. As has long been rumored, Google has opted for an online-streaming format (if its current, temporary name wasn't hint enough), and this week's test (which included invited members of the press) sees the company serving a modern game to users via the Chrome Web browser.

Though we only have one day (and one game) of testing under our belts, we can already tell that Project Stream is shaping up to be something solid, if not revolutionary. That's not a bad start for a game-streaming space that's already pretty well occupied—and will be growing at least one bigger before long.

Heads in the cloud

Game companies have toyed with cloud-powered gaming for some time now, with OnLive having the dubious honor of being first out of the gate (and first out of the industry). Nvidia and Sony continue to serve games this way, so long as users pay a monthly fee and have the right combination of installed app and compatible device.

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