Google’s new ‘Who’s Down’ app shows which of your friends are free to hang out


Google has just quietly released a new app on the App Store called “Who’s Down”. As you might be able to tell from its name, the app will apparently — once there are people who are actually using it — let you see which of your friends are free to hang out. Currently, the app is invite-only, so the only things we know about its functionality are from the app’s App Store screenshots…

As you can see in the images below, the app’s main functionality seems to be a quick-to-access toggle switch, letting your friends know if you’re free. Sliding the switch makes you available for three hours, and lets you pick from a list of popular activities to say you’re down to do (although it seems likely that one particular thing that people are commonly “down to” do will not be found on this list). The app lets you quickly see which of your friends are down to hangout, and you can start a chat from within the app.

Here’s a quick look:


You can install the app for free right now on the App Store, but as I mentioned, it’s invite only for the time being. We’re trying to work our way in, and when we do, we’ll be back with more information. Of course, the app is also available for Android.

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