Google Wifi: Google’s second attempt at a home router [Updated]


Google last year released the OnHub Wi-Fi router. This year it has a new offering: Google Wifi (sic; although the wireless technology is properly written "Wi-Fi", Google's product is not).

The new access point is a little white cylinder. The main new feature? It's mesh-capable, so you can add new units around your home to expand your Wi-Fi coverage. It'll automatically pick which channels you use, to make sure it's always as fast as it can be. To that end, you can buy one of them for $129, or a 3-pack for $299. Preorders will start in November, shipping in December. You can join the waiting list here.

There's also a companion app to control the hotspots; you'll be able to control your kids' Wi-Fi access from the comfort of your phone.

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