Google’s new app called Google Trips, is an app that automatically sorts through your Gmail account and will set-up your flights, hotels, car rentals and restaurant reservations, into a coherent trip schedule, that you can actually overview and use for your real-life trip.

Users can also get at-a-glance information about local attractions that include all day-long activity suggestions that are based on your iPhone’s map, as well as can even pick out nearby attractions that have good reviews and ratings from other travelers that went to that particular destination. Basically this app is like having your very own real-life travel assistant, that will help set up and plan everything for you, without you actually having to do anything.

Another interesting feature about Google Trips app, is that you also don’t have to worry about trying to get the app to connect to the internet if it isn’t working at that current moment; since the app makes it perfectly convenient to do all the things you need to plan for your trip offline, without any type of internet connection on your device. This will come super in handy for when you’re traveling to a place with no wifi spots for your smartphone to connect to, but still need to look at a map for directions within the app, or double check a booking or a flight that is pretty important for your overall trip.

If you’re interested in downloading the Google Trips app, then you can head on over to the App store or the Google Play Store, where it’s currently going for free for any of your Android or Apple devices. For any more information about this particular app, you can simply click on the links for more details.

Source info: BGR

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