Google Maps New Update Adds More Features For iOS Users

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Google has just released an update for its Google Maps app for iOS. The latest update has added a few new features to help users save both time and money.

Google Maps version 4.13.0, now features a list of gas prices at nearby gas stations and hours of nearby businesses. When viewing local businesses, users will be able to see when certain places are most busy throughout the week and the best/worst time to visit.

Users will also be able to check which gas stations have the most affordable prices by searching for ‘gas,’ or ‘gas station’ in the search bar and Google Maps will bring up the nearest options and list prices for those locations.

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In addition, Google added offline map support, so users can select a portion of the map and save it onto their iPad or iPhone. Users will also be able to search for destinations without a data connection and still be able to use turn-by-turn navigation, find business hours and contact details. However, In order to receive subway or train routes and walking or biking directions, users will still need to be online.

Downloading these offline maps can take up a lot of storage on the device. For example, an offline map of New York City can take up to 300MB. It should be noted that the downloaded maps will automatically expire after a month, so if you forget to delete them it won’t continue to take up storage when the month is up.

You can download the Google Maps app in the App Store for free for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 7.0 or newer.

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