Google on Wednesday released Google Earth for iOS, version 9.0.78, a much-needed update to the global mapping app. The app has been updated to 64-bit code, allowing it to run on iOS 11.

Google Earth for iOS Gets 64-Bit Update to Run on iOS 11

What’s New in Version 9.0.78

Google Earth 9 is a major upgrade with brand new features.

* Choose your own adventure with Voyager
Experience interactive stories from around the world.

* Discover new places with Knowledge Cards
Flip through cards and learn about local landmarks.

* Orbit the world in 3D
Use the new 3D button or tilt the map with two fingers.

* Snap and share a Postcard
Capture snapshots of locations and share them with your friends.

* Feeling Lucky?
Roll the dice and see where the world takes you.

Without the update to 64-bit code, Google Earth would have been unable to be used with iOS 11 when it is released in the fall. Apple is in the process of phasing out all 32-bit app compatibility from its mobile operating system.

The new version of Google Earth is available free in the App Store. It runs on any device with iOS 9 or later installed. [GET IT HERE]