Google cofounder called Trump’s election “deeply offensive” in leaked video

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Enlarge (credit: Google / Breitbart)

Breitbart News, a conservative news site known for its incestuous relationship with the Trump administration, has leaked an hour-long video showing Google's first all-hands meeting following the November 2016 presidential election in the United States. The video shows Google executives making little effort to strike a neutral tone about the election results.

"As an immigrant, a refugee, I certainly find this election deeply offensive, and I know many of you do too," said Sergey Brin, Google's cofounder and now president of parent company Alphabet. He said that the election result shows that "so many people apparently don't share many of the values that we have."

Google Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, an avowed Hillary Clinton supporter, described the result as a "massive kick in the gut." She vowed that Google would "use the great strength and resources and reach we have to continue to advance really important values"—values, presumably, that were not shared by Donald Trump.

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