GM and the US Army have developed a monster hydrogen fuel cell truck

Late last year, we got news that General Motors would work with the US Army to develop a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered pickup truck. On Monday at an annual US Army association meeting, GM took the wraps off the beast, which the Army will test in Michigan over the next year.

The US Army’s tank research center collaborated with GM to build the Chevy Colorado ZH2, which has a reinforced body that’s six-and-a-half feet tall and seven feet wide. The truck will chew up terrain with 37-inch tires and a special suspension built for off-road handling.

The ZH2 has a single motor that’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and a battery. The advantage of that hydrogen fuel cell is that the only byproduct is water, and the electricity-powered engine is quieter than a traditional combustion engine. It also gives off less heat, which GM said would help the car in stealth situations, where the Army would want to reduce acoustic and thermal signatures. According to Wired, the ZH2’s hydrogen fuel cell produces two gallons of water an hour.

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