Give Your iPhone A Natural Look With Grovemade’s Wood Case

If you’re looking for a natural, unique and slightly rustic case, then you might like Grovemade’s new case. It’s everything but your typical case, and was specially made with solid maple wood and a clean and minimal feel and look, to prevent any type of uncomfort or bulk when using your iPhone.

Each iPhone case from this design was manufactured right in a Portland workshop, where each worker had to construct the case from start to finish. They made sure it was designed with actuated wood, case cutouts and a vegetable based oil to give a complete organic look to each one they shipped out.

And since each case is from a natural wood, and is constructed by hand, every case will come slightly different. Some will come with a little more wood grain, or a bit darker or lighter, since none of them are copied directly. Another worthy thing to note, is that this case is a little more fragile compared to other cases, considering where it came from and how it was made. So yes, it will still protect your iPhone, but at the same time it will be more likely to get water damage or show a little more wear and tear, since it’s a maple wood case.

So if you could see yourself using this case for your iPhone or just interested in learning more about it, then you can be sure to head over to GroveMade’s official website, where it’s currently going for $99.00 for the iPhone SE-X.

Source: GroveMade

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