The new Alti app is a clean, simple and minimal altimeter/compass app for your iPhone and iPad, that gives you a wide selection of bright colors for your background, an altitude indicator, a north compass and many other features.

This app is perfect for if you love to hike, travel or have to measure a lot for your job or for projects; since it gives you a lot of handy features that you could actually use. For example, if you ever wanted to get directions of where North really was on your compass, or wanted to measure out how high up you’ve climbed if you were mountain climbing; you could easily use this app as a guide of the exact meters and measurements of where and how high you are, within moments.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Comes with customizable backgrounds
  • Coordinates in DMS or in Decimals
  • Has an accurate magnetic North compass
  • Features a GPS altitude indicator in meters or feet
  • Comes with an easy share button to Facebook or Twitter

So if the Alti App is something you’d be interested in using, you can always check it out over at the App Store where it’s currently going for $1.99 for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 7.0 or later.

Source: BGR

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