Fusion Drive or more RAM: Which one to get on a new Mac?

Marvin Schildkraut writes in with a very common question about what upgrade choices to make when purchasing a new Mac. He’s considering extra RAM and a Fusion Drive.

The cost of these two options is not burdensome. However, I have been advised that the Fusion Drive can cause problems and is very expensive to repair. How likely are headaches?

It costs $200 to upgrade an iMac from 8GB to 16GB at the time of purchase, and $100 to move from 1TB hard disk drive to the same rated capacity Fusion Drive.

On memory, having 16GB with macOS is very, very nice in terms of not waiting for the computer to chug through moving stuff in active memory around while you’re trying to get things done with more than a handful of programs launched. Browsers especially can consume a lot of active memory.

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