Full-color 3D X-rays are the future, and here’s what they look like

color x-ray

For all the advancements in body-scanning medical technology, X-rays still tend to be pretty boring to look at. They're more accurate than ever, providing plenty of detail, but they're just so... boring, right?  A company called MARS Bioimaging hopes to change that with X-rays that are not only fully 3D, like a CT scan, but also full-color. The've built what they call the MARS large bore spectral scanner, and one glimpse at the images it can produce will convince you of how awesomely powerful it is.

The system, which was developed by father-son team Phil and Anthony Butler, has been in development for roughly a decade, but that long, long road appears to be paying off in a big way. The machine is capable of creating stunningly accurate 3D models of whatever it sets eyes on, allowing doctors to explore the insides of a patient's body without picking up a scalpel.

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