Yes, Westworld is fantastical... but it's oddly factual in many ways, too. (video link)

We may have mentioned this once or twice recently, but there's never been a better time to be a nerdy TV fan. Not only do viewers have more of seemingly everything to consider when selecting a new series to follow, but most series in 2018 tend to be pretty smart. The days of something like CSI: Cyber debuting and automatically dominating the ratings are slowly fading away. Instead, a show like The Expanse may be set in some fictional, far-off universe, but it still employs a science consultant so writers can be informed and choosy about how they break various laws of physics.

All this leads to our latest video series: Tech on TV explores the science and technology informing our favorite TV in ways that are both obvious and not so obvious to viewers. From the DEFCON-blessed security professionals at the heart of Mr. Robot to the '80s obsessives pouring through FBI/KGB documents for ARPANET mentions behind The Americans, we'll be looking at the real-world information shaping all kinds of television (and we promise to do so without poo-pooing anything, Neil DeGrasse Tyson-style).

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