Enlarge / Frog Fractions 2 in all its froggy fractional glory.

Disclosure: This author donated to the Frog Fractions 2 crowdfunding campaign in 2014 and he also really likes the games, so any overly enthusiastic language below is likely due to his desire to get more people converted to the cult of Frog Fractions. It's fun! We have donuts at every cult meeting!

The original Frog Fractions swept through Ars Technica a few years ago like a productivity-destroying storm. Someone—probably Andrew Cunningham—dropped the link into staff chat, and one by one everyone was sucked into playing the weird, crazy fractions-tutor-gone-wild "game," meeting Draggy Ceilingeater and journeying to Bug Mars to become a Bug Porn mogul.

Re-reading those sentences makes me feel weird—but nonetheless, that's what happened. The Flash-based game starts out simply enough, but once the player realizes how they can break the rules of the initial "level," it quickly transforms into a series of nearly incomprehensible (but fun!) scenes and events. It's a surreal, rewarding trip—but unfortunately, you can only play through for the very first time once. Replays are fun and you can keep an eye out for details you missed, but overall, Frog Fractions is a relatively linear experience.

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