Free App of the Week: Dive into peaceful puzzler Rop

We’re nearing the end of another week, which means it’s time for a new free app of the week on the App Store. This week, dive into a simple, yet challenging puzzler with Rop.

Rop (pronounced rope) is an interesting puzzle game that tasks the player with matching shapes. When you fire the game up, you’ll be presented with a shape along with a rope that you can manipulate on a grid below it. The object of the game is to match that shape with the rope, and you then proceed onto the next shape.

It sounds simple enough, but what starts out as a simple game of matching squares and triangles eventually becomes quite a bit more difficult as the shaped become more and more complex. All of this is set to peaceful music with a simple color palette of black and white. In other words, if you enjoy a simple concept with an equally simple approach, Rop is worth checking out.

Rop will be available for free on the App Store through November 5, so hit up that link below to check it out.

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