Fortnite developer: Players “deserve” cross-console play

Enlarge / Artist's conception of Sony fighting off the developers and players demanding cross-platform play for their games.

Amid all the pre-scripted announcements and canned trailers at last night's Game Awards extravaganza, there were a few unexpected moments to the evening. And while A Way Out director Josef Fares' splashy "f**k the Oscars" moment was fun to watch, Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard's on-the-spot discussion of cross-platform gameplay was a bit more relevant to the industry.

Responding to what seemed like an unrehearsed question from host Geoff Keighley, Mustard appeared genuinely upset that Fortnite players can't play with those on other platforms. "Look, Fortnite is even better when you're playing with your real friends, and due to platform restrictions there are some players that aren't able to play with their friends and are left out," he said.

"Gamers want cross-play, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen," he continued. "Players deserve it."

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