FCC's Ajit Pai, Tom Wheeler and net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission, under the new stewardship of former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, is moving at speed to nullify Obama-era net neutrality rules. Those rules, orchestrated by former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, ensure that internet service providers can't violate the principles of net neutrality, and forces ISPs to treat all customers' internet traffic equally.

ISPs generally agree that net neutrality is a nice thing in public statements, but the ISPs (and their new champion Pai) claim that the "onerous" and "overbearing" rules imposed by Wheeler are destroying investment and generally ruining the internet for all the well-meaning cable companies out there who just want to do the right thing!

Now, that probably smells a little funny to anyone who's actually dealt with a cable company in the last few years. But when you go deeper, the whole thing is a real crock of crap, as Wheeler explains in a thorough new interview.

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