Forget deliveries—this firm wants to bring a grocery store to your driveway

Enlarge (credit: Robomart)

Last month, we wrote about a wave of startups like Nuro, Starship, and Marble that are building autonomous delivery vehicles. It's a promising concept. Designers of these vehicles don't need to worry about passenger comfort or safety (since there are no passengers). And vehicles can be slow—about 25 mph (40 kph) for Nuro, even slower for Starship and Marble—without irritating anyone inside the vehicle, which greatly simplifies the technical challenges of building a fully autonomous vehicle.

In our survey of this emerging market, we didn't mention another fascinating startup with a different twist on the same basic concept.

"It's not a delivery vehicle, it's an autonomous store on wheels," said Ali Ahmed, the CEO of Robomart, in a Tuesday interview with Ars.

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